National Institute of Telehealth

The National Institute of Telehealth (NIT) is an organization located in Mt. Dora, Florida, that features a campus-like design residing on 56 acres of waterfront property. The setting includes four residential buildings, numerous administrative offices, treatment rooms, conference facilities, a skilled nursing facility, chapel, and several support structures. The center, which is currently being renovated, aspires to become a state-of-the-art behavioral treatment and advanced telehealth research center supporting persons with disabilities. The concept envisions the institute being university-affiliated, supported in part with federal research grants, and staffed by specialists from the Human Service and Information Technology arenas. The center will also include a national accreditation program for professionals interested in becoming certified telehealth practitioners, which would be the first such program of its kind in the nation. The founders anticipate broad support for this concept at the regional, state, and federal levels, given the importance for finding better ways to treat persons with disabilities. The Celeste Foundation is pleased to conduct the first research project at the NIT. The NIT is a non-profit organization.